I’ll say he gave the Cougars length…

BYU has apparently kicked its leading rebounder off of the men’s basketball team because he had sex with his girlfriend. Having sex with your girlfriend is a violation of the school’s honor code.

The honor code requires every BYU student to live a “chaste and virtuous life.” Students also have to be honest, abstain from tobacco, alcohol and drugs and attend church regularly. There’s a reason Danny Ainge is the last Mormon to play in the NBA.

(Kidding - Ainge is the last Mormon with any athletic ability to play in the NBA)

Students also have to abstain from tea and coffee.

Apparently, gay sex acts by quarterbacks are OK.

This, of course, is recruiting gold. For every other school in the country. As it was, schools could recruit against BYU by mentioning the fact that Mormons taught that soldiers who fought less valiantly in the war for heaven were punished by being born into the seed of Cain as negroes. In 1978, the church finally retracted the ban on blacks being priests - coincidentally, at about the same time BYU decided it wanted to have a big-time sports program.

Now, the school has kicked it’s best black basketball player off of the team for having sex. Can’t wait to see coach Dave Rose hit the ghetto this summer. “We were ranked No. 3 in the country. Until we kicked Brandon Davies off the team for banging a shorty. Are you willing to promise to refrain from having sex with girls during the four years you attend?”

~ Damin