and/or No Homo is the (especially Black) Male Version of Does My Ass Look Fat In These Jeans?  I’ve decided.  This phrase must be a tic for some people, a nervous admission of insecurity.  There really is no other reason Chris Paul, for example, should ask viewers to consider how NOT gay he is (which only makes me imagine him GAY*) when we’re totally busy not thinking about his sexytime preferences until he said Pause

This article digs into the insult-vs-joke question about these terms’ use, as well as giving my fave vlogger Jay Smooth a shout out. It’s hard to top Jay/Ill Doctrine’s breakdown, which includes detail of how (No Homo) use can be a childish but addictive linguistic game, not unlike the use of 'That's What She Said.’  The latter of which, uh, guilty.

Regardless of whether some folks have fun throwing these terms around or blurt them out of insecurity, the number of gay slurs popping up at sporting events by coaches and players seems to be on the rise.  And it speaks to a deep underlying distaste of being thought of as gay that is at operation in American sports. 

If only Chris Paul could get away from the Drag Queens and Left Over Bitches of the French Quarter and see how fit, athletic, and macho SF Gay can be, maybe he’d relax?  Hell, he might never go home.

(No homo) 

~ Shavonne

*Don’t NOT think of a pink elephant.  See?

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